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Sans Soucis
Sans Soucis

Sans Soucis

SANS SOUCIS has always been closely linked with its home. 80 years ago, the company founder Walter Friedmann opened his first beauty salon with a private laboratory where he developed his first and legendary beauty products. He always remained faithful to his roots and the nearness of his home-town Baden-Baden where he was born and where he grew up.

Because home is where you feel good. This also stands for SANS SOUCIS. The feeling composed of familiarity and wonderful memories of 80 years of experience. The safety and security regarding the inhouse development and manufacturing in a very special team. A team of women and men making SANS SOUCIS what it is: A brand with heart and passion.

The exclusive thermal spring water from Baden-Baden with a variety of minerals and trace elements is the heart piece of all our products and our „fountain of youth“.

It leaves a unique feeling of wellbeing of skin letting it „breathe“ again. All our products are "Made in Germany".

We place great value on the development of products with the best skin tolerance and efficacy. Therefore, all our products are 100% without mineral oils, parabens and micro-plastic particles.

Our focus is on naturalness.

With the elaborate composition of high-quality ingredients in combination with the exclusive thermal spring water from Baden-Baden we create products which in average are 90 % of natural origin. This makes us a
good partner for your skin.

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